Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where have I been??

I've been a little quiet these past few weeks.  Still excited and hopeful as ever, but, I think I needed a bit of a break. I've been told by so many friends that adoption is like a roller coaster ride. There will be ups and downs... and the hardest part is the wait.

Truth be told, last month was a little tough...
I'm fairly certain that we've suffered an emotional adoption scammer.  Someone who pretends they are pregnant and develops a relationship with you.... tells you they chose you as the adoptive parents...and then you realize it was all a lie. 
I just never thought it would happen to us or that I could be so naive?

Marc and I were aware that this could possibly happen when we decided to pursue adoption without an agency.  I thought I knew all the warning signs... I didn't.  Let me tell you... it hurt... bad.

So, YES, I needed a break.  Some time to rest and pray and move forward.

And here I am. Happy and positive as ever... living by my philosophy that "things happen for reasons" and going with it.
It's funny how great things happen when you least expect it..... :)


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  2. Im so sorry that happened to you Katy. I don't understand how anyone could or would do that to a family. You are a great lady and I know great things will come your way in time :) Praying for your family and the process.