Thursday, December 30, 2010

Networking... here we go!

Okay, so I understand that it is better to network and tell everyone you know... "hey, we are hoping to adopt"... that's what we are doing. Recently, I read about pass along cards. Basically, you create a card to distribute - with your information.  The hope is that it gets in the right hands... you just never know? :)
Anyway, I took a few minutes and designed these quickly. I've ordered them and they should be here tomorrow (oh - the perk of being a photographer) so, we shall see how it goes?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Intuition- do you follow it?

I do. Sometimes with a blind faith that baffles those closest to me. Letting go and following my gut (for lack of a better term) has always brought me where I need to be, where I'm supposed to be...

I've practiced this so many times in my life and I truly feel it is God leading me... I just have to pay attention.  Here lately the "adoption" feeling has taken over... Now, let me preface by saying that I've always known I would adopt and luckily my husband felt the same way.  I just figured we would when we were ready... but, when are you ever ready for a baby? I mean really? The feeling has taken over.  That and the constant nudges from God in the form of... people coming in to my life that I was meant to meet... leading me in the direction I am taking now... they know who they are and I'm grateful for them.

So, why would I bring this up? Truthfully, I think it's because I know that our baby is out there. I am 100% sure of this... it's the feeling and I'm going with it. :)

I read a great blog recently. The r house :
She gets it. Going with a feeling and telling everyone. I don't know why I felt so afraid to vocalize my desire to adopt in the past?  Maybe, I was just waiting for the right feeling? :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I'm feeling flighty today!  I have so many things to do and I'm feeling anxious! :) I was up last night finishing up taxes - I know yuck.... but, we need to have this all finished in order to complete our home-study.  What is a home-study??? Basically, it's a lot of paperwork and meetings with a social worker to determine your eligibility as adoptive parents. The process typically takes 3 months and we are hoping to start at the New Year and be baby ready by March.  (fingers crossed) :)

All this paperwork got me thinking.... What if everyone had to go through this before having a baby?
A brief checklist would look something like this:
1) Are you financially secure?
2) Do you have room for a baby?
3) Do you have a criminal background - and if so, why?
4) Marriage Certificate
5) Fingerprints and Background Check
6) Reference Letters
7) Photographs...........and the list goes on

Well, I can check the photography off my list! lol.  Thank goodness I'm going in to my slow season...I'm gonna need the time! ;) Here is one of many I plan to include...
I love our home. We bought this 1906 Bungalow last year and it truly is my "dream" house.  Cozy and warm with room to spare for another little one! I can't wait!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mother's First Post...

I'll be the first to post... I'm sure I will do most of the posting, however, expect to hear thoughts from my husband and my boys from time to time. :)

So, this is it.  We've made the official step toward adopting our third child. I write this with absolute joy in my heart! Before Marc and I were married, we always felt called to adopt. Fast forward 8 wonderful years of marriage and two beautiful boys later... and here we are.  This is a huge leap of faith for us, but, one we embrace.

We are hoping to use this blog as part of our connection with our new child.  I should admit though, I'm not going to try and make us seem perfect.  We are so not perfect. We are just a real family, full of laughter, tears, triumphs, mistakes, and love.

I would love to invite you on our journey. I'm not sure what is ahead for us, but, I feel optimistic about the future. I know that there is a baby waiting for us and I have faith that we are doing the right thing. There is so much to learn in the adoption process.... better get started. Wish us luck!