Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feeling a little lost

So, my usual optimistic self is feeling a little lost today. I wouldn't be a truthful person if I didn't express all my emotions on this blog, right? To be honest, I need prayers. So much has been going on lately... it's amazing what can take place in a week.

I've been told that adopting can be like a pregnancy.  The emotions and anticipation are constant...the waiting and not knowing, it's hard to describe. I have total faith and yet, I have this racing feeling in my heart. I'm not quite sure when that will go away...

I write this as I am getting ready for church.  My boys are laughing in the bathroom and Marc is ironing upstairs. Life is good. So, why am I feeling so sad? I actually do know the reason, but, I'm not at liberty to say and it's hard... Wish I could.

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